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  • Anuvadaksh (English to Indian Language Machine Translation System)


Anuvadaksh (English to Indian Language Machine Translation System)

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To overcome language barrier and to encourage language plurality in India by using Machine assisted Translation, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) came up with the mission of consortia for Machine Translation (MT) Systems. English to Indian Language Machine Translation (EILMT) consortium has been formed as a part of this mission.

Anuvadaksh is a state-of-the-art solution that allows translating the text from English to eight other Indian languages i.e.


This is a collaborative effort of the consortium institutes which have brought forward the integration of four Machine Translation Technologies:

1.Tree-Adjoining-Grammar (TAG) based MT
2.Statistical based MT (SMT)
3.Analyze & Generate rules (AnalGen) based MT
4.Example Based MT (EBMT)

The technical modules such as Named Entity Recognizer [NER], Word Sense Disambiguation [WSD], Morph synthesizer, Collation & Ranking and Evaluation modules have been developed by different consortium institutes. The Language Vertical tasks have been carried out by various consortia members.

Anuvadaksh being a consortium based project is having a hybrid approach, designed to work with the platform and technology independent modules. This system has been developed to facilitate the multi-lingual community, initially in the domain-specific expressions of Tourism, and subsequently it would foray into various other domains as well in a phase-wise manner.