Script Behaviour

Script Behaviour define the manner in which a script of a given language is to be written and especially in the case of Indian languages, the ways in which ligatures have to be constructed. Thus whereas Hindi and Marathi and Konkani share the same script, they have different ways of representing ligatures as well as certain characters like /la/. Thus Hindi prefers to show the combination क ् त as a linear ligature क्‍त as opposed to Marathi क्त.

The script grammar once defined and mandated by the authoritative body of the state creates a standard which will serve as a guide for developers of fonts. Eventually it will also determine the manner in which all printed as well as digital material is prepared, thereby slowly bringing in one standardized manner of representing the given language.

Language Experts from different states who have been aware of this issue are welcome to give their valuable feedback.

Download Different Script Behaviour