Feedback Request on Draft-Standard: Devanagari Script Behaviour for Hindi_Ver 1.4.9_ Part 1 & 2
by on October 30 2013

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Consolidated Feedback & Observations with Remarks
by Admin Standard on Aug 28 2014

Consolidated Feedback & Observations on Draft Devanagari Script Behaviour Ver 1.4.9
two short vowels ऎ,ऒ should be included
by Shree Devi Kumar on Nov 08 2013
Short E/O are not really “for Dravidian transliteration” only, but were originally introduced by Hoernle for the Bihari languages
Bhojpuri, Magadhi and Maithili"
Please see:

As per LSI by Grierson, Bihari and Awadhi "As in Bihari, there is a short e as well as a long one, and a short o as well as o. Also a short at and a short au."

" As in other Bihari dialects, the vowels e and o , and the diphthongs ai and au have each two sounds, a short and a long one. Accurate writers distinguish these when writing in the Deva-nagari character, "